„TANGRA” organized two technical seminars „Heating with pellets” and „Pellet boilers installation” for engineers and installers from Greece.

Day after the first official event "Heating with pellets", TANGRA organized training and technical seminar for Greek partners and colleagues. The seminar was held at TANGRA's building in Sofia on 12th and 13th of December. The program included demonstration of manufacturing of pellet boilers series HP and CL and training for pellet boilers and burners installation. The Greek guests had an opportunity to see the two TANGRA's factories and to learn about the production process of pellet boilers and the new pellet boiler TANGRA CL80 with capacity from 40kW up to 80kW. 

The second part of the technical seminar was about pellet boilers installation. The Greek installers received a valuable advices and saw the most effective and easiest ways for construction the pellet boilers installations, burners for building and heating systems using pellet boilers, solar panels and heat pump installations. The funny note in the seminar was the game for fastest installation of pellet burner, organized by TANGRA. The volunteers from both Bulgaria and Greece put pellet burner TANGRA B30p of cast iron boiler. 

With this event TANGRA continues the tradition from the past year, to inform its partners and colleagues from Greece about the new trends in pellet equipment and also to increase its partners from the country.