Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 80 (40-80kW)

Pellet boiler TANGRA CL 80

(heating capacity from 40 to 80kW)

The pellet boilers TANGRA CL 80 are designed for heating and domestic hot water supply of small houses, office buildings, sport halls, car workshops, hotels, restaurants and public buildings.


- Five-step modulating burner with heating capacity from 40kW to 80kW.

- Easy disassembling and assembling of the pellet boiler for installation in small and inaccessible premises.

- All water connections of the pellet boiler are on the top and side panels for easy affiliation to the installation.

- Easy mount and dismount of the pellet burner.

- Water vessel - 220l.

- Pellet storage- 350kg.

- Efficiency - 94%