Pellet boiler TANGRA НР 35 Aero

Pellet boilers of series TANGRA НР 35 Aero are designed for heating and hot water supply of single-family houses, residential and office buildings. During the process of their construction special attention is paid on the high automation level, modular construction, almost full lack of maintenance and easy installation.

Advantages of pellet boilers TANGRA НР 35 Aero:

  Boilers ТАНГРА HP 35 Aero have 320l water volume which makes unnecessary the use of additional buffer tank
  Due to the large water volume, burner is used comparatively rare for long periods of time in nominal mode, which increases the lifetime and efficiency of the unit
  Modern electro-pneumatic system for cleaning of the burner and tubes bundle of boiler
  Built-in controller for regulation of burning process with options for management of external devices like circulation pumps, three-way valve, hot water vessel, buffer tank, room thermostat and external temperature sensor
  Construction of the boiler allows incorporation at any time of district heating substation Danfoss - Akva LUX II-35kW for continuous production of domestic hot water
  Pellet burner, controller and control software are designed especially for the НР 35 Aero series by the world leading company EFFECTA – Sweden
  Pellet boiler consists of two separate modules with equal overall dimensions – boiler body and pellet hopper. Modules are packed separately. They are fitted together during the installation process in accordance with the instruction. Modular construction makes installation and transportation easier


All outlets of the boilers are led to the upper cover, which allows installation of the unit at the corner of the premise thus providing option for easy maintenance and saving place.