Why pellet boilers

Are you ready for winter?

Autumn is the season when everyone has to find a way for heating of his home during the forthcoming cold winter months. We are facing again different solutions with all their positive and negative aspects. Central heating, electricity and heating oil, as well as natural gas are with continuous price growth. On the other hand conveyance and refueling of a boiler with woods and coal requires serious physical efforts.

Why pellets?

Pellets are cheap, ecologically clean and renewable energy source.
They are produced of waste wood biomass by pressing under high pressure, without using adhesive substances. Pellets are formed in different diameters but the most common are 6 or 8 mm. This allows their incineration in automatic pellet burners with high efficiency and minimum quantity of ashes remaining.

Usually, producers of pellets are large wood-processing companies which are using their waste products as raw materials for the production of pellets. Tendencies for growth of the number of the manufacturers in the last 3 years creates competitive environment, unlike the traditionally monopolized markets of fossil fuels and electricity.

Why pellet boiler „TANGRA”?

Pellet boilers „TANGRA” are specially designed for heating and hot water supply of single-family houses, residential and office buildings. During the design process of boilers special attention is paid to the full automation and almost full lack of maintenance by the customer.

Advantages of pellet boilers “TANGRA”:

-   working capacity range from 17 up to 35 kW depending on the individual needs;
-   high efficiency level and work with any kind of pellets: Е = 94%;
-   automatic regulation of the boiler for higher efficiency, independent of the momentary chimney suction and pressure drop;
-   automatic cleaning using modern electro-pneumatic system for achieving higher efficiency;
-   automatic cleaning of combusting chamber;
-   digital controller for easy regulation of burning process and external devices;
-   possibility for control of external devices like circulation pumps, three-way valves, hot water vessel, buffer tank and room thermostat;
-   all outlets of the boiler are led to the top cover which saves space and makes the installation easier.

Series TANGRA НР 25 Aero Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers of series TANGRA НР 25 Aero are intended particularly for single-family houses and residential and office buildings in which heating and hot water supply are necessary. During the process of their design special attention is paid to the high level of automation, modular construction, almost full lack of maintenance and easy installation.