Installation of pellet boiler TANGRA


1. Requirements for the chimney system 

– Every pellet boiler „TANGRA” should be connected to the chimney system through an insulated flue gas chimney, made of non-combustible materials, with minimum diameter of the chimney Ф150 and minimum underpressure of 15 Pa.


2. Requirements for heating system

– Installing a pellet boiler "TANGRA" can be performed only by qualified, certified installers as well as by the manufacturer.

According to BDS EN 303-5/2000, the boiler can be connected to the following heating systems:

- High temperature (up to 900C) with an open heating expansion vessel;

- Heating high temperature (up to  900C) with a closed system with a maximum working pressure of 2bar, the system must be equipped with a closed membrane expansion tank with a minimum volume of 35l and a pressure relief valve;

- Low temperature heating (up to 550C) - underfloor heating and fan coils. It is necessary to install a mixing valve for reducing the temperature of the heat after the boiler.

NB! - The boiler should not work with hot water temperature below 550C.


3. Room requirements

The floor of the technical room should be made of non-combustible material. It is permissible to install the boiler on a pre-build concrete foundation. 


4. Installation

All components (boiler, storage tank, burner, etc.) are delivered separately in single packages with transport pallet, depending on the size and the model. The assembling of all parts should be done by qualified installer.

Before installing the boiler, please, remove the transport pallet and the package.

After the boiler is placed in the technical room, it should be leveled (depends on the model). The leveling is done according to the instructions, included in the boiler documentation. 

The pellet burner should be connected to the combustion chamber by the installer, and after that connected to the main controller. After connecting all elements, the boiler and  the heating system should be filled with water, in order to perform visual inspections for leaks. If there is any, then connect the boiler to the electrical system.

Before the initial start of the boiler, it is necessary to fill the pellet storage tank. To start the pellet boiler, the pellet storage tank has to be filled with at least half of its volume. Than perform a final check of the ceramic elements, electrical connections and the cleaning system. If everything is correct, you are ready to connect the boiler to the electrical supply using the main switch.

The last step is setting the controller parameters. Use the recommended values, mentioned in the user manual.

For additional questions and information, please, contact your installer or the manufacturer.