Guarantee conditions for pellet boiler and pellet units.



All pellet boilers and burners TANGRA are manufactured according to all applicable regulations and directives of the European Union - CE.

• The warranty on all moving parts, electrical components, burner, lighter, flame sensor, pipes and control unit - two years or 6 th. operating hours.

• The warranty on the entire unit - five years or 15 th. operating hours.


All spare parts are available in the offices of "Tangra". In case of damage, the policy of the company is:

• Contact your installer

• The installer sends a request to replace the damaged part.

• Spare parts are sent directly from the warehouse to the client by courier

• After the part is replaced and the boiler work again, the damaged part shall be returned at our expense.

• As the part arrives, our designer team investigates it, to find the problem.