Here you will find some commly asked questions, and some useful info about installing a pellet boiler at home

These requirements are different for different type of boilers. By Tangra’s pellet boilers are very important – keep the minimum distance between the boiler and the walls, a floor made of non-combustible materials and ventilation, which ensures fresh air supply. 
In the technical specification you can find the minimum required under pressure in the chimney, as well as the minimum diameter of the chimney connection. 
Usually, you could find this information in the technical specification of the unit or from the user manual. 
  Pellets should be stored in dry, ventilated and fire protected place.  The interval of loading pellets in the storage tank depends on its volume and boiler capacity. In case you have a special room for pellets, and pellets are directly supplied to the boiler, you should load the room probably once a year. If the storage tank is small, then you should load pellets once a week.   
If the manufacturer does not offer installation of the unit, you must ask for certified companied, that do this for them. Performing the installation by certified installer is an important point of undertaking the guarantee. 
The experience is very important! Опитът винаги е важен. Find out more information when meet the dealer, or search on the internet. 
Installation (without connection to the pipe network), setting and initial run of the boiler take one to two days.   
Collection of ash in the burning chamber depends on the quality and quantity of burned pellets. Although, we recommend to clean the burning chamber once a week, to ensure smooth operation of the unit. Annual maintenance is done by certified organization. It could be done on a specific date, or after 5 tone pellets are burned. 
The volume of the ash collection is enough to collect the ash from 2-3 tone pellets (depends of the quality).
In the last few years, a lot of programs offer funding for project, in which alternative energy, such as biomass, is used. You can find more information in internet!
  Fast delivery and replacement of defective parts is very important, especially during the heating season.