Pellet Boilers

Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35  (Heating capacity from 15kW to 35kW)

Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 are designed at the base of the experience that “TANGRA” company gathered with the series TANGRA HP, and of course after three years of examination of customers’ needs in Bulgaria. Pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 are designed for heating and hot water supply of single-family houses, residential and office buildings. During its construction process the stress was paid on the high automation level and almost full lack of maintenance from the customer.



Advantages of pellet boiler TANGRA CL 35
  Working capacity range of a single boiler from 15 up to 35kW, depending on your particular needs
  High efficiency and work with pellets of different type and quality – Energy conversion efficiency ≥ 94%
  Automatic regulation of the incoming air in the pellet burner thus achieving higher efficiency level independently of moment chimney suction or other external factors
  Automatic cleaning of the tubes bundle using modern electro-pneumatic system for achieving higher efficiency level;
  Automatic cleaning of the burner and combustion chamber
  Large volume ash-tray reducing the customers’ maintenance
  Digital controller for easy regulation of burning process and management of external devices;
  Available in versions for left and right side installation
  All connection inputs and outputs are led to the top cover of the unit thus saving place and making the installation easier

Easy installation:

Pellet boiler consists of two separate modules with equal overall dimensions – boiler body and pellet hopper. Modules are packed separately and are fitted together during the installation according to the instruction. It is designed to enter easy into the boiler room even from 70cm doors.



1. Brochure pellet boiler TANGRA CL35



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