Pellet Boilers

The range of pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30 are specially designed for heating and domestic hot water in houses, small apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants, car garages and showrooms.  
Pellets are cheap, ecologically clean and renewable energy source! 
They are produced of waste wood biomass by pressing under high pressure, without using adhesive substances. Pellets are formed in different diameters but the most common are 6 or 8 mm. This allows their incineration in automatic pellet burners with high efficiency and minimum quantity of ashes remaining.
Pellet boilers TANGRA HP 30 are designed at the base of the experience that “TANGRA” company gathered with the series TANGRA HP 25/35 Aero and three years of examination of our customers’ needs. During the construction process of TANGRA HP 30 series the stress is paid on the high automation level and almost full lack of maintenance. The TANGRA CL series is equipped with burner and control software especially designed for highly efficient work with pellets of all types and quality.
Advantages of pellet boiler TANGRA HP 30
  Working capacity of the boiler - from 17 to 30 kW, depending on your particular needs
  High efficiency and work with pellets of different type and quality – efficiency ≥ 94%
  Vast water volume (320l) which eliminates the need of using additional buffer tank.
  As a consequence of the vast water volume the burner is used relatively rarely during continuous time periods at normal working mode which significantly increases the equipment’s life and efficiency
  Automatic regulation of the incoming air in the pellet burner thus achieving higher efficiency level independently of moment chimney suction or other external factors; • Automatic cleaning of the burner
  Digital controller for easy regulation of burning process and management of external device
  All connection inputs and outputs are led to the top cover of the unit thus saving place and making the installation easier

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